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Jacob Denholtz


I attended the University of Arizona and earned a bachelor's of science in biomedical engineering with a minor in math. My focus was in biosensors and digital signal processing and along the way I fell in love with writing code. Since then I have been employed as a full stack web developer working on a variety of projects.

Spent 3 years working at a small start up where I was sole programmer primarily developing web based data driven interactive digital signage displays with admin centers for client customization. Also developed a laboratory simulator prototype/demo in Unity with the goal of providing students with a simulated laboratory experience to supplement or replace onsite laboratory classes.

Currently working as a freelance contractor primarily for a tax preparation company. For them I have I created a new expense tracker APP integrating with Plaid API, supplemented existing systems including debugging, improving efficiency, created data visualizations, built automated email and sms messaging systems, and used Autohotkey to bridge data between computer programs, all with the goal of streamline process and improving productivity for tax preparers.

Projects Sample

Expense Tracker

The goal for this project was to access transaction data from financial institutions and automatically apply tax categories to assist in tax preparation for freelance contractors and small businesses.

I was the only web developer on this project, I handled all the front end and back end development.

Skills Used
HTML, CSS, JavaScript/Jquery, PHP, MySql, Plaid API, Twillo API, Sendgrid API

Expense Tracker Plaid interface for connecting to a financial institution.

Users can connect to financial institutions through Plaid.

Expense Tracker Dashboard showing data filters and several rows of transaction data along with tax categories.

Once connected transaction data is automatically added with tax categories assigned.

Email Templating System

Simple email/sms templating system allowing for limited content replacement with relative data and bold/italic styling allowing client to edit the content of automated email/sms messing.

Skills Used
HTML, CSS, JavaScript/Jquery, PHP, MySql, Twillo API, Sendgrid API

Email template editing view showing replacement vars and editable subject, email content, and sms content along with previews.

Editable text shown on the left, resulting text (after data replacement and styling) on the right

Example of the email resulting from the template, displayed after saving data.

Preview of the styled email after upon saving template.

Laboratory Simulator

Prototype laboratory simulator to provide students with a simulated laboratory experience to supplement or replace onsite laboratory classes.

Equipment in the laboratory was modeled with its function in mind as such results of a given step were calculated as opposed to programmed directly. ie combining the contents of a fluid container with another would calculate and track the concentrations of each fluid in the mixture.

Experiments were set up with an editable web interface where professors could edit the data to change/add/remove/reorder steps to alter the lab procedures.

My contribution was all of the Unity/C# programing and professors web portal. All of The 3d assets and GUI were provided by other members of the team.

Skills Used
HTML, CSS, JavaScript/Jquery, PHP, Postgres, Unity, C#

Digital Signage: Slideshow

Digital signage slideshow with editable slides, text/font, transition animations, logo, ticker feed items, and embedded YouTube playlist. Admin center features a large variety of slide customization and on page slideshow preview and drag/drop slide reordering.

Skills Used
HTML, CSS, JavaScript/Jquery, PHP, Postgres, Instagram API

Digital Signage: Bar Menu

Digital signage bar menu with admin control center. Allows clients to set up (and edit) a list of beverages and dynamically change which beverages are currently available. Features embedded Youtube playlist, custom logo and a section that can be set up to change depending on time of day.

Skills Used
HTML, CSS, JavaScript/Jquery, PHP, Postgres, Instagram API

Mobile Game Utility

Landing page for the mobile game utility displaying banner and news sections.

This app was commissioned by an alliance playing the mobile game Dawn of Titans. It is designed to assist in keeping the alliance organized as well as provide useful information and links for their members. It has a mobile first design as most of the users will be accessing this app from a mobile device.

Skills Used
HTML, CSS, JavaScript/Jquery, Rails

Skills & Tools

Daily Use:
HTML, CSS, Javascript/Jquery, MySQL, PHP

API Integration Experience:
Plaid, Instagram, Google API (Calendar, Sheets, Tasks), Stripe, Sendgrid, Twillo

Single Projects:
Unity, C#, Autohotkey

Some Familiarity:
Node, Ruby on Rails, Postgres, Wordpress, Wordpress Plugins


Find and fix bugs

Add a feature to an existing project

Build a site or app from scratch

Prices and time to complete depend on complexity.


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